Only HOT Dog Cart

Good carts in good price is an offer which can hardly be found in the catering market.
There are few professionals, the demand is great, the prices are high.
In Bodex GASTRO you are putting an end to your search, here you get the product you are looking for!

Check what we can offer you:
A cart is made completely of high quality materials – high quality acid proof steel, stainless steel: OH18N9, H17
The commercial, catering carts, hot dog carts are completely furnished and prepared to sell hot-dogs, extra food and beverages.
A Mobile American Cart, American Hot Dog Cart, Hot Dog Cart, a cart for selling hot-dogs
• easy manoeuvring and driving
• safe operation
• ideal for catering, for working in the open:
• one year guarantee!!!

A cart for selling hot-dogs HOT DOG CART

The only Manufacturer in Poland offers:
Top quality carts for selling hot-dogs

- with a certificate issued by the National Institute of Hygiene
- with testing and type approval certificates
- made of top quality steel (Stainless Steel),
directly from our factory
50 carts to choose from
They are waiting for You ........!!!
come ..........!!!
check ..........!!!
choose the best..........!!!

Attention!!!! Available now!!!!

  • a cart for selling beer

Attention!!!! Soon!!!!  
  • a cart for selling borsch, optionally with pastries
There is a possibility to offer graphic visualisation based on an individual order.

The certificates of the Pastwowy Zakad Higieny [the National Institute of Hygiene] and CE quality certificates for all the materials used at the production stage.

Do�acz do nas!!! Poszukujemy nowych dystrybutor�w. Skontaktuj si� z nami! Czekamy na Ciebie !

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